WDMCS Board Approves Anti-Bullying Proclamation, Superintendent’s Goals

The West Des Moines Community Schools Board of Education held a regular meeting on October 8, 2012, and took the following action:

  • approved the Title I application;
  • approved a United Way of Central Iowa donor-directed contribution eligibility application;
  • approved an anti-bullying proclamation along with surrounding cities and school districts;
  • waived the first reading and approved Board Policy 911;
  • approved an agreement ($450) with Valley United Methodist Church for the district’s Brighter Beginnings parent support program to use space at the church;
  • approved student teaching agreement with Graceland University;
  • approved an agreement with the YMCA of Greater Des Moines ($2.50 per student) to provide an Outdoor Environmental Ed program at Crossroads Park;
  • approved a contract is with Licensing Resource Group, a trademark management company, (no fee to the district) to assist the District in license management of its activities logo and royalty collection services;
  • approved the 2012-2013 Superintendent’s Goals;
  • approved the bills for payment dated October 8, 2012 in the amount of $5,791,726.28;
  • held an executive session as provided in section 21.5(1)(e) of the open meetings law to  consider whether to suspend or expel a student and reconvened into regular session;
  • denied a request to open enroll out of the district due to being late and not meeting good cause;
  • approved the consent agenda including personnel resignations, recommendations, support staff new hires, certified staff initial contracts, minutes from the Sept. 10 workshop and regular meeting, and the Sept. 12 and Sept. 21 special meetings, a student trip request for the Valley Bands Grades 9-12, a contract amendment from Shive-Hattery, Inc. for additional design services for roof areas at VHS ($7,500), a proposal from Shive- Hattery, Inc. to provide roof consulting services for the district ($3,500);
  • approved the following change orders to the Walnut Creek Campus project: Rochon Corp. ($4,319) to add sheetmetal transition at corridor ceiling, add blinds, modify door hardware to add Columbine lock function, Van Maanen Electric ($885) to add a cable tray in data server closet and wire for electric duct heaters, L.A. Fulton & Sons ($614) to repair existing roof drain and furnish and install a new float mechanism for the existing sump pump at the elevator, Olympic Companies ($3,170) to furnish and install additional joist bridging, add metal coves at four locations, paint duct and conduit above fume hood, paint wall in teacher workroom, Allied Construction Services ($665) to replace the wall base in the gym, The Weitz Company ($8,178) to provide humidity control during construction;
  • approved change orders to the Crossroads Park project: Pleva Mechanical (-$864.00) for back-checking work related to commissioning, Baker Electric (-$384.00) for back-checking work related to commissioning;
  • approved change orders to the VHS improvement project phase 2: Des Moines Marble ($0) to install ceramic tile at column cover, Forrest & Associate ($5,945) to cut brick for lintel modifications, furnish and install vapor barrier per KDent request, remove existing cmu and install new, Hansen Company ($1,370) furnish and install wood blocking and fire road gates in lieu of bollars, Katelman Steel Fabrication Inc. ($9,090) to field modify lintels and provide new materials, furnish and install galvanized and tube steel, Nikkel and Associate (-$3,647) to delete conduit for data lines at chemistry lab islands, Olympic Companies ($149) to install framing around columns, Proctor Mechanical Corporation ($5,287) to provide and install chemical water treatment and hose bib, TriCity Electric Co. ($3,950) to provide additional cable slings to route the data cables for the chemistry lab islands;
  • approved change orders for the Stilwell phase 3 project for Nikkel and Associates ($11,619) for additional kitchen corridor lighting, electric for heat cart, Consumer Ed additional phone jack, additional power and data at art and drama room, additional 20 amp circuit for existing kitchen equipment, for the WDM Fire Marshall to connect Ansul System to shut down exhaust fan, for revised electrical feeds for toaster and display and for tunnel emergency lights per Fire Marshall, Poindexter (-$565.00) to delete new VCT in drama room, Hansen Company ($26,885) door hardware changes to Columbine locks, I-Tech countertop extension, drama room backsplash addition, add mop sink at kitchen as required by State Kitchen Inspector, Central Iowa Mechanical ($5,366) to add mop sink at kitchen as required by State Kitchen Inspector, SA and RA ducts in Central Mechanical room 2135A, and add three floor sinks per kitchen equipment submittals, Allender Butzke Engineers, Inc. (861.11) for additional special inspections;
  • accepted the work done by AJ Allen Mechanical Contractors, Inc. and Siemens Industry Inc. as substantially complete for the  VHS improvements phase 1 project.

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